The That Time of Year Post

Because everyone else is doing it, and because some people need a reminder not to nominate me in certain categories…

  • If I get a nomination for Best Fan Writer this year I will decline – don’t waste your vote
  • I do not consider Cheryl’s Mewsings to be a fanzine – don’t waste your vote
  • Clarkesworld is still eligible for Best Semiprozine, and if Aussiecon 4 follows previous precedent (which they may not) I would be a nominee*.
  • Most of the web sites I run have far too little new material as a percentage of the total to qualify as a Related Work. The exception is
  • This piece of idiocy is technically a short story, though I’d be amazed if anyone nominated it

* The members of the Clarkesworld team that have the title “editor” are Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace and me. In 2008 Nick Mamatas held the job I now have, and he was on the ballot for 2009. Personally I think that Kate Baker deserves recognition for the podcasts, but I also know how much Hugo Administrators hate burgeoning credit lists. Ultimately it is up to Neil and Vince Docherty as to who to list. If we get a nomination and I’m not listed I won’t complain.

3 thoughts on “The That Time of Year Post

  1. I too am pulling for Clarkesworld to get nominated again this year and I sincerely hope you’re on the ballot this year as the non-fic editor if we succeed. It would be truly well deserved. As for the podcasting — while that would be one of my biggest dreams come true, I’d be perfectly okay with saying I work for a Hugo nominated/winning (knock on wood) magazine. 🙂

    Hey, I already do most of that now!

  2. i loved your “Piece of idiocy” and must admit that i was willing to beleive the story for quite some way in!

    Because i missed the signing on Friday i missed some of the obvious clues!

    Of course, seeing as we sat around waiting for Charlie for awhile on the Sunday, i am not sure that the story doesn’t have some truth!

  3. Is tempted to put your “Piece of Idiocy” on Hugo Recommend to see whether it would get enough votes for the five percent listing. On a more serious note, Good luck on Clarkesworld getting on the ballot.

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