The That Time of Year Post

Because everyone else is doing it, and because some people need a reminder not to nominate me in certain categories…

  • If I get a nomination for Best Fan Writer this year I will decline – don’t waste your vote
  • I do not consider Cheryl’s Mewsings to be a fanzine – don’t waste your vote
  • Clarkesworld is still eligible for Best Semiprozine, and if Aussiecon 4 follows previous precedent (which they may not) I would be a nominee*.
  • Most of the web sites I run have far too little new material as a percentage of the total to qualify as a Related Work. The exception is
  • This piece of idiocy is technically a short story, though I’d be amazed if anyone nominated it

* The members of the Clarkesworld team that have the title “editor” are Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace and me. In 2008 Nick Mamatas held the job I now have, and he was on the ballot for 2009. Personally I think that Kate Baker deserves recognition for the podcasts, but I also know how much Hugo Administrators hate burgeoning credit lists. Ultimately it is up to Neil and Vince Docherty as to who to list. If we get a nomination and I’m not listed I won’t complain.

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3 Responses to The That Time of Year Post

  1. Kate Baker says:

    I too am pulling for Clarkesworld to get nominated again this year and I sincerely hope you’re on the ballot this year as the non-fic editor if we succeed. It would be truly well deserved. As for the podcasting — while that would be one of my biggest dreams come true, I’d be perfectly okay with saying I work for a Hugo nominated/winning (knock on wood) magazine. 🙂

    Hey, I already do most of that now!

  2. gareth says:

    i loved your “Piece of idiocy” and must admit that i was willing to beleive the story for quite some way in!

    Because i missed the signing on Friday i missed some of the obvious clues!

    Of course, seeing as we sat around waiting for Charlie for awhile on the Sunday, i am not sure that the story doesn’t have some truth!

  3. Tom S says:

    Is tempted to put your “Piece of Idiocy” on Hugo Recommend to see whether it would get enough votes for the five percent listing. On a more serious note, Good luck on Clarkesworld getting on the ballot.

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