World Fantasy Plans

The next week or so is going to be fairly light on the blogging here, partly because I will be traveling, and partly because I will be busy blogging elsewhere. Here’s a rough schedule.

  • Saturday: Write Fantastic signing at Forbidden Planet in Bristol
  • Sunday: Travel to London, stay with Clutes
  • Monday: Fly to California
  • Tuesday: Recover from jet lag and answer email backlog
  • Wednesday: Tour guide for Zoran & Mia Živković in San Francisco
  • Thursday – Sunday: Convention

Kevin and I are running the web site for the convention so we’ll be doing a lot of reporting over there. That will include the live coverage of the World Fantasy Awards. However, you should also keep an eye on because we can’t be everywhere and there are at least 9 other people who will be tweeting and/or blogging from the event. Also there are things that we can’t put on the official WFC web site because the convention suffers from a bad case of these guys.

Blue Meanies

Yes, I’m sorry to say that there are Blue Meanies: people for whom the very idea of wearing costumes on Halloween is anathema. Fear not, though, good people. We will sing. And we will spread joy, happiness and good old-fashioned fun throughout San José. Not to mention we’ll be talking about some very good books.

There may be a sekrit projekt or two announced as well. Stay tuned.

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