How To Make Hugo Voting Cheaper

Many people have complained to me over the years that voting in the Hugo Awards is too expensive. We have tried hard of late (thank you, Mr. Scalzi) to make Supporting Memberships worth the money, but what would be really good is if we could make them cheaper.

Unfortunately, as Kevin explains here, the cost of a Supporting Membership is tied in to other prices that Worldcons are allowed to set for memberships in a complicated way that gives conventions an incentive to set the cost of Supporting Memberships much higher than is justified by the cost of providing services to those members.

If we can cut through that tangle then we ought to be able to reduce the cost of a Supporting Membership, and hence the cost of Hugo Voting, to maybe $25. Kevin thinks we may be able to get sufficient support to make this happen.

Comments for preference on Kevin’s LiveJournal, please.

One thought on “How To Make Hugo Voting Cheaper

  1. Can’t get to read now, but promise to come back and add my 2 cent later.. Thanks to Mr Scalzi, supporting membership is certainly interesting indeed and very tempting.

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