BASFA Turns 1000

The Bay Area Science Fiction Association held its 1,000th meeting over the weekend. Given that I am their official Minister for Misinformaton I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you are free to assume that all of this is nonsense anyway. It is, after all, a blog post about a BASFA meeting.

According to the Emergency Holographic Secretary, Glenn Glazer, the meeting was presided over by Vice President Chris Garcia, who unusually failed to have any vices to report. A message from our loyal Dodger Fans opposition from Inferior California, the LASFS, was read. There was some reminiscing about the history of the Association, particularly from Kevin who is the only member of the club who was present at both the founding meeting and the 1,000th meeting. Many people, and one bear, were sold into slavery. And the official rumor of the week millennium was: “Due to the Millennium Bug, the next meeting will be meeting number 1.”

As regular BASFA members know, the actual meeting number was 3.

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