A Mysterious Evening

I’m back in Darkest Somerset, but I need to do a quick report on last night.

Feeling somewhat pleased with ourselves, Colin Harvey and I went out in search of food and ended up having a nice dinner at The Mud Dock. I celebrated with a rather nice piece of turbot.

Then we went back to the hotel, expecting the ceilidh to be in full swing. Most people seemed to have not bothered to stick around for the evening, which suggests that most of the attendees had been there to see our SF panels. This was probably just as well, as the ceilidh never quite happened. The band didn’t turn up, and while the DJ was there, he didn’t have anything to do because the Firefly folks spent all evening auctioning signed mementos and the like. They appeared to have been happy with that.

Still, the rest of us sat in the bar and did our best to make the hotel happy, and a good time seemed to be had. The bar prices were rather high, but that’s something that can doubtless be negotiated should we do another con.

As to whether we’ll do another one, I don’t know. Running a convention requires a significant amount of work from a bunch of people. If everyone does their bit then it isn’t hard, but people do have to put the work in. I don’t know whether the local Bristol fans will have been sufficiently energized by their first experience of con-running to want to do it again, let alone to do something bigger next time. We shall see.