Snoozy Sunday

Not a lot is happening today. There were a few panels this morning, but most people are intending to travel home today and as travel in the UK on Sundays is not at all easy that tends to mean heading off as soon as possible. I, however, am staying the night, because travel to Darkest Somerset on a Sunday is close to impossible. Besides, I have a World Fantasy Con committee meeting tonight that will require me to spend 3+ hours on the phone to California. Thank goodness for Skype.

Of course another trip to the pub was unavoidable. On the way back we took advantage of the most un-English weather to photograph bits of local history. Nottingham is apparently notorious for young men in hoodies who live outside of the law, terrorizing upstanding local citizens and stealing their money. The local constabulary assures us that everything possible is being done to apprehend these villains and bring them to justice. They are asking Parliament to pass a new law banning possession of bows and arrows, knives, and anything else pointy and menacing.

One thought on “Snoozy Sunday

  1. ::snigger::

    PS And yes, I have a goodly collection of those hoodlums in green tights stories on my shelves as well. 😉

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