Anticipation: Day 2 #worldcon09

This is going to have to be brief because it is past midnight and I have to be up early. Also my room mate got in from Brussels today and needs sleep.

The two gender panels (one I attended, one I chaired) went well, though in both cases the panelists thought the panel descriptions were silly. I now want to find books by Fiona Patton.

The International Awards “panel” didn’t work very well because it was essentially a whole lot of small award ceremonies crammed into one. A lot of the groups seemed to turn up, say their bit, and go away again.

I’m getting rather irritated by the lack of time control by Program Ops. No one is coming around with “5 minute” cards, and as a result panels are tending to run for the full length of the slot they are scheduled for, so no one has any time to get from one panel to the next. I’m guessing that the con is very short of gophers.

My Future of Sport panel went as well as could be expected for such a huge subject that was scheduled late at night against the parties and the Chesley Awards.

Speaking of awards, much bouncing up and down was done because Chris Roberson won a Sidewise Award; and John Picacio and Lou Anders won Chesleys. All of my pals are winning things this Worldcon. Yay!

I did a couple of parties this evening and am enormously grateful to Bragelonne for having good food — I hadn’t had a proper meal since breakfast — but for various reasons the hotel was elevator hell and I was very glad to get out of there.