International Blog Against Racism Week

Apparently this week is International Blog Against Racism Week. Given that we have Worldcon coming up in just a few days, I’m not going to produce anything spectacular, but I would like to point you at a couple of interesting posts.

Firstly Mary Robinette Kowal nails it with respect to the question of “how does race affect white people?”

And secondly a guest blogger over at Justine’s asks us to read outside of our comfort zone – something I have always been in favor of.

Talking of which, my reading this morning with regard to the Not the Booker Prize initiative turned up something very interested. It is a book called White is for Witching, and while it is marketed as literary fiction it is undeniably horror. The author, Helen Oyeyemi, appears to be one of the rising stars of the LitFic community in the UK. She’s originally from Nigeria but grew up in London. Here’s a review from the New Statesman. The book is available in the US (see Amazon link from cover).

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