Job Opportunity

One of the disadvantages of living in Darkest Somerset is that there isn’t much work here that calls for someone with my particular skill set. However, thanks to a tweet from Nalo Hopkinson I have discovered something interesting. Some people in Cheddar are looking to recruit a witch. It does involve living in a cave, but that’s not so unusual around here, and I do appear to be well qualified. I’m old, very ugly, fond of cats, and well versed in magical theory. Unfortunately what they actually want is an actress who is fond of children. I have an unfortunate tendency to want to put badly-behaved kids in a cauldron and make Stew from them. I don’t suppose that would go down well.

You can tell it is an acting job by the fact they talk about auditions and expect people to arrive early to be first in the queue. If all goes well the winner will arrive late, flying in on an umbrella and landing at the front of the queue.

2 thoughts on “Job Opportunity

  1. I read the original news story, and there was an extra twist: the successful candidate was expected to live on the premises.

  2. Go for it anyway – comes with accommodation right?

    And you can claim the desire to boil bad kids is method acting..

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