Shock Jocks Hit New Low

It is a tough life being a right wing shock jock in the US right now. The Rethuglicans appear to be making the classic mistake of reacting to an electoral mistake by emphasizing the sort of policies that got them chucked out of office in the first place, and to stay shocking the radio hate merchants have to somehow manage to move even further to the right. But therein lies a problem. In the “good old days” it was probably possible to get a rise out of people by suggesting a lynch mob, or a roasting of a witch, or some other such random act of violence. These days, however, your victims might actually decide to fight back, and that might be painful (either physically or in court). What is a poor demagogue to do?

Well, two smart arses in Sacramento have come up with a whiz idea. Being too timid to suggest going after adults they don’t like, they have decided to prove their manliness by encouraging their listeners to go out and bully children. I wonder how many cans of Bud they had to sink before getting up the courage to do that?

9 thoughts on “Shock Jocks Hit New Low

  1. That account was just so sick and emotionally vile. Between this and the Dr. George Tiller murder, isn’t it time to make the Fairness Doctrine law again?

  2. I think that all of you guys are just a bunch of lemmings. You don’t even know who the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show is and what they represent. You only know what the negative attention the media is providing you.

    Why don’t you just make a decision for yourself instead of having someone else do it for you–lemming.

  3. The fairness doctrine is nothing but a communistic idea and takes away our 1st amendment right. This will do nothing but give our government more control on us. Is this what you really want? I’m sure that you think you do but what happens when the government takes away what you really love? Think about it, LEMMING!

    You’re a bunch of idiots and YOU SUCK!


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