On Jet Lag

The problem with jet lag is not getting to sleep, but staying asleep. After a long busy day it is not hard to fall into bed and sleep, but your body has no idea what time of day it is, so it doesn’t know whether this is supposed to be a quick nap or a proper sleep. The default appears to be a nap, so after an hour or two you wake up, and then getting back to sleep can be a problem. That’s why I was up at 5:00am checking email.

There are things you can do about this. The whole point of Melatonin is to tell your body that it is proper sleep time, not just nap time. However, if you have planes to catch, drugging your body into sleep isn’t necessarily something you want to do. I know (thanks to my amazing super powers) that I will sleep on the plane. And from tonight I’ll be in the same hotel for a full 4 days, not to mention in the same time zone for 6. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping better by the end of it.