The Geeks Speak

I have finally got a chance to listen to the Geek Syndicate guys talking about how they saw the Bristol Comics Expo. Their podcast, which you can find here, went online just as I was heading off for France. It is worth a listen.

I wasn’t aware, until I found from Dave & Barry, that the Small Press Expo in the Mercure had been put together in just 3 months. I also agree with them that the Mercure has rather good function space.

There is a short interview with Dan Dido of DC towards the end of the podcast. Dan, of course, is a regular at events like San Diego, which are huge in comparison to Bristol. Interestingly he says that one reason he comes to Bristol is because in a big convention you are always being rushed from here to there, whereas in a smaller event you get time to actually talk to the fans. PR people who hold that there’s no point in a publisher attending an event that draws less than 10,000 people might want to think about that.

And finally the boys talk about being interviewed by me (about half way through). I had no idea what sort of duress they were under at the time, because I had my back to what was going on and because they were very professional throughout. Thanks again, guys!