May Day, May Day

Pagan Festival, international day of workers’ solidarity, distress call – the first of May means many things to many people. And consequently it gets picked for other things as well.

Overnight some folks in New Zealand were writing for Blog Against Disablism Day – an effort to get folks to treat disabled (or handicapped) people with more respect. I have a lot of sympathy here. Disabled people face many of the same issues that trans people do – that is they have been defined by society as being somehow medically inferior to the rest of humanity. As a consequence they get condescended to a lot. It can’t be much fun.

Elsewhere May 1st has been declared Buy Indie Day – a day on which you are supposed to buy a book from an independent book store. Which reminds me that I still need to look into the Indie Bound affiliate scheme.

3 thoughts on “May Day, May Day

  1. Alas, can’t buy indie on 1st of May since everything is closed here. (Well, there are online indie shops of course.) But since this is a national holiday, maybe I should declare it “read a book bought at an indie store” day. Especially since many a May Day, due to the previous evening’s festivities, quiet reading sounds like a very good idea…

  2. I live in area that has no Indy book stores. I think the nearest one is NYC or somewhere like that. I only have Barnes and Nobles and Borders in the whole of Baltimore/DC.

  3. Many years ago now, I knew someone who would always say,

    The First of May, the First of May,
    Outdoor sex begins today

    It was his long-suffering girlfriend I felt sorry for, who, come rain or shine, had to accompany him in this.

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