Two Fanzines

I have finally got around to looking through the paper copy of Challenger #29 that Kevin brought to Montreal for me. This is the “sports” issue, including my article on cricket. There are lots of other good sporting articles, including Craig Hilton on Aussie Rules Football, Steven H Silver on the misery of being a Cubs fan, and Guy Lillian III on the incomparable Jimmy Connors. However, I was also pleased to see an article by Warren Buff on the supposed “graying of fandom”. Warren’s thesis (and I am digesting a long article down to one sentence here) is that fandom isn’t actually graying, it is just that young people doing fannish-type activities don’t often mix with older fans, and don’t always realize what traditions they are following.

Brand new in today’s email is the news that Journey Planet #3 is now available at The ‘zine is run by James Bacon, Claire Brialey and Chris Garcia, but this issue is guest-edited by Pete Young. Like every publication I have seen Pete turn his hand to, it looks gorgeous. It is also full of a bunch of interesting articles on the theme of 1984, including a reprint of the Captain Airship One comic strip by Alan Moore, Chris Brasted and SMS. You have to have published at least four issues to be eligible for a fanzine Hugo, but Chris tells me that they are hoping to get another issue out by Worldcon. I would not be at all surprised to see Journey Planet on next year’s ballot.

One thought on “Two Fanzines

  1. Really? I’m not sure we’ve got a broad enough readership yet, but I have to say that issue 3 was a masterful piece of layout from Pete and some really fun writing.

    We’ll hopefully have two mor eout this year, as the next issue should be fun too.


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