A Successful Event

Kevin and I are very pleased at how well the Nebulas live blogging event went last night. As I recall had 118 people check in during the show, and 53 watching for more than 1 minute. Those numbers have since gone up to 136 and 79, so clearly people are checking out what they missed today.

We are definitely planning to do more of these, in particular coverage of the Hugo ceremony at Worldcon. And there I can add the good news that Kij Johnson has volunteered to be our fashion correspondent for the evening, so we plan to have lots of photos of fabulous outfits as well as all the award news.

Before then, however, I want to explore how the technology can do other things, such as more general convention reportage, and live panel discussions.

One thought on “A Successful Event

  1. I am also planning on doing a good Twitter – cum – blog coverage of the Hugo ceremony (and of the Worldcon, generally speaking). If thereĀ“s anything I can do to help you people, please just tell me!

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