Imaginales – Tout Prêt

I have my train tickets (except the ones you have to get from a TGV ticket machine in Paris), I have my hotel reservation (I’m in the Ibis – many thanks to Jean-Louis Trudel for the help), I’m all ready to go. There will be a con report, and I’m told that Epinal is a beautiful city. Allez!

2 thoughts on “Imaginales – Tout Prêt

  1. Excellent!

    All that’s left to do is cross our fingers and hope that the trains aren’t on strike that week. French trains are pretty good, but strikes will happen…

    (Now that Google Maps is working for me again, I’m seeing the Kyriad as being within 700 metres of what I took to be the main Imaginales venues. So, I’m a bit puzzled by your other comment.)

    Meanwhile, I’m still looking forward to an Imaginales program. I’ve got a grant application ready to be filled out once I know what I’m doing…

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