SMOFcon – Day 1

So far so good. There was a very interesting panel on Hugo categories that I need to write more about over on SFAW when I’m more awake. We went to Legal Seafoods for dinner, which is always a good thing. And the evening reception/mixer went well. Kevin amazed everyone with how well he can sing. More about this on his LiveJournal. While he was doing that, I did some cheese tasting. Vince Docherty has something of an unfair advantage, coming from The Netherlands, a country whose cheese-making ability is on a par with that of Somerset, but even so his aged Gouda with cloves was pretty spectacular. It is certainly the best so far, though the Humboldt Fog (I think brought by Ian Stockdale – it wasn’t ours) also went down very well.

One thought on “SMOFcon – Day 1

  1. Yes, I named Vince’s clove Gouda the Friday night winner based on both my own reaction to it and the fact that I heard the most comments about it and *everyone* sang its praises in similar tones to your own.

    There’s more cheese tasting to come. The member’s response to our request for cheese and other regional specialities has been nothing short of spectacular itself.

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