Dinosaurs Speak at Mammal Conference

I’ve found another conference I’d really like to go to. It is called South by Southwest (SXSW for short) and it does a whole lot of cool stuff about online media. The blog, Booksquare, has been reporting on it. Their Kassia Krozser was incensed by a panel called “New Think for Old Publishers”. Here are a couple of excerpts from the post:

Let me be clear. Absolutely clear. Not one word spoken in that session, either from the panelists or from the audience, was new or innovative.


At the after-party, one panelist told me that “this is all new to us”. Give. Me. A. Break. It’s only new for those of you who’ve been pretending change is something you get from a dollar bill.

Read the whole thing, it is well worth it.

Update: In other news, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is the latest major US newspaper to announce that it is going online-only.

Update 2: GalleyCat picks up the story.