Glyer on Fanzine Collections

Mike Glyer has some interesting posts up about universities that collect old fanzines. There’s an old article republished here, and an update here.

One of these days, Kevin and I will haul a pile of boxes out of storage and ship them off somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Glyer on Fanzine Collections

  1. The current issue of Argentus also has an article about universities that collect author’s papers and (to a lesser extent) fanzines, by Lynne Thomas, the curator of the collection at Northern Illinois University.

  2. Years ago, my Timebinders project involved writing to university libraries with fannish collections to compile a composite list with summaries of contents and contact information. What little data I had collected was lost in a harddrive crash sometime in the mid-’90s.

    I keep thinking that I should get back to the project.

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