You Are Reading the Wrong Books, McCrum

At the Guardian Book Blog Robert McCrum complains that no one is writing books about liberty these days. Well no, they are not, except in the grand tradition of George Orwell’s 1984: that is, science fiction. You know, people like Ken MacLeod, Charlie Stross, Cory Doctorow, and so on.

I have pinged Cory, but feel free to go and educate Mr. McCrum if you feel so inclined.

One thought on “You Are Reading the Wrong Books, McCrum

  1. It turns out that you need to register with the Guardian to make a comment but I did the registration which was not too painful. I made a comment which referenced MacLeod, Stross, Doctorow, Walton and Turtledove as authors of recent works which dealt with the topic. I also included a mention of The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith from the early 1980s. And I included a link to the LFS Prometheus Awards web page. We will see what comes of it.

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