How Others See Us

Heads Up, Bay Area, the UK is talking about you. It may come as something of a surprise to the Liberal and Progressive population of the Bay Area, but apparently David Cameron and his pals think that they are an ideal template to follow for returning the Conservative Party to power. Doubtless it is a bit of a surprise to the Huntin’, Shootin’ ‘n’ Fishin’ wing of the Conservatives as well.

But there is more. Alex Massie weighs in and points out that the Bay Area might be too elitist to be safely copied by Conservatives:

Equally, if you were to pick a place to reinforce the notion that the party leadership is so wealthy and comfortably off that it struggles to appreciate the concerns of the Average Joe then, yup, San Francisco and the Bay Area might be the place you’d choose.

I’ve quoted a little selectively there, but the general impression that Alex gives is that Bay Area folks are wildly out of touch with the views of average Americans. Of course that may be one of the reasons I like the Bay Area so much. But, as Alex sagely gets around to pointing out, the real reason for not copying California is the total mess that its government has fallen into. Really, Britain has enough economic problems without being unable to pass a budget.

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