Why They Get Rejected

One of the standard themes of the publishing industry is wannabe writers complaining that there is a vast conspiracy of publishing professionals that is preventing their brilliant novels from getting published. Well today agent Colleen Lindsay has been going through her in-box and tweeting about why she rejects most of the queries she receives. The whole tweet stream is collected on her blog. Hopefully a few people will learn from it.

And you know, as a very minor cog in the editing business, I am very surprised how few people actually read submission guidelines.

3 thoughts on “Why They Get Rejected

  1. Gods. Query#16 FTF. The next Unsolicited I get with 20 recipients on the To:line is getting something nasty sent back.

    We don’t even solicit for submissions. *sigh*

  2. After teaching and other experiences with things being sent to me, I am no longer surprised by the failure to read directions, even very small quantities of directions.

    I plan to start this season’s drinking early.

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