Scarlet Fever

Fabulous comeback in the second half by the Scarlets. Here’s hoping that the Ospreys show similar levels of fight.

The final score was 29-24 to the Quins, so I guess Will is still happy, but it was a great game.

One thought on “Scarlet Fever

  1. Great comeback by the Scarlets, Quins lost concentration having been really on top and wham they were right back in there.

    A pretty good day at the office (nearly cocked up!), though compared to earlier in the season there’s not quite as much ‘snap’ in the Quins game.

    Atmosphere was a little flat – which I think was down to the knowledge that we were through but needed the 4 try BP, and the fact that the last home game was that amazingly intense game vs Stade.

    I can’t wait to find out who we’ve got in the QFs, it will be interesting as the avowed intent is to keep the game at the Stoop and therefore keep home advantage – will the accountants win if we are to host someone like Munster and shift it to the big ground across the road?

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