Coronavirus – Day #91

Dear Goddess, that was a long day. I spent 6.5 hours on Zoom in a virtual academic conference during the day, and a further 2.5 hours on Zoom in Virtual Åcon in the evening. I am all Zoomed out.

It was a lot of fun, though. My thanks to both sets of organisers.

I gather from Twitter that today has been a day of nation-wide activity by the All Lives Matter movement (who don’t actually care about your life unless you are white, cis and straight). They claim to have been responding to planned attacks on war memorials by “BLM thugs”, but no such attacks appear to have taken place, and the BLM people are entirely bemused as to where the idea came from. These brave defenders of Britain’s legacy in WW2 have been keen to demonstrate their admiration for Winston Churchill by, er, giving Nazi salutes.

From what I’ve seen on Twitter, these protesters are all of a certain type. They are all white, they all appear to drink copious quantities of lager while on duty, and their bodies indicate that this has been a life-long habit. I have only seen one woman amongst them, and she was wearing an anti-trans t-shirt.

I am fully expecting tomorrow’s papers to be full of stories of how these brave warriors fought off violent mobs of dark-skinned “antifa” rioters, with no help from the traitorous police.

I should note, by the way, that one of the people I was talking to today is Polish. He tells me that in Poland government ministers are openly declaring that LGBT+ people are “not human”. I guess that makes a change from “tank-topped bumboys”.