Coronavirus – Day #83

Who would think that radio and TV could be so tiring? Today I recorded an interview for next week’s radio show, and did the broadcast with Dan mentioned in the previous post. Then I collapsed and slept for a couple of hours. Part of me suspects that if I was back having to travel to meetings I would not be coping at all well.

Anyway, stuff got done. Hopefully people will be entertained by it.

The news from the outside world is that the R number in the south west has crept above 1. R is a measure of the nuber of people infected by each infectious person, so an R above 1 means that the number of cases is accelerating. This is not good.

I know that there is a major Black Lives Matter demonstration planned for Bristol on Sunday. Folks, if you are at all at risk, please don’t go. The City Council (which of course means Marvin Rees and Asher Craig, both of whom are Black) has this suggestion for showing solidarity on social media instead.