Coronavirus – Day #76

Another day in Lockdown. Not much news. I have written things. You will be able to read some of them soon.

Out in the rest of the UK, things have gone a bit mad.

Our government has been operating virtually for several weeks, but Parliament has now voted (by which I mean that the government pushed through a vote) to “return to work”. Online participation will no longer be allowed.

However, social distancing rules are still being observed in Westminister. No more than 50 MPs will be allowed in the chamber at any one time. There are over 600 MPs.

Furthermore, the utterly archaic system that Westminister uses for voting involved crowds of MPs trooping through Aye and No lobbies, and this is clearly contrary to all social distancing rules. So voting will not be allowed.

Which means that Parliament can debate (sort of), but cannot actually pass any legislation. Which presumably means that the government will be ruling by fiat.

People, if you thought that Cummings going on a road trip was outrageous, you ain’t seen nothing yet.