TitanCon – Day 3

It has been another quiet and relxing day at Eurocon. Francesco and I sold some more books. I did the panel on The Matrix. Kevin and I did our Kaffelklatsch, to which only 2 people turned up. There were closing ceremonies.

Some lovely people won awards, but I’ll save it until tomorrow to write about that because it is late.

Next year’s Eurocon will be in Rijeka, Croatia. It will be in early October. The only announced Guest of Honour thus far is Adrian Tchaikovsky. They will also have a Ghost of Honour, Robert Whitehead, who invented the torpedo.

Site selection for 2021 was won by Fiuggi in Italy. The bid for Romania was withdrawn at the last minute, apparently due to a dispute having broken out between some of the organisers. Fiuggi has a whole bunch of announced guests, including Ian McDonald, Lavie Tidhar and Rachel Cordasco. As Francesco is involved in the organisation, I expect there to be a heavy emphasis on translation.