Book Review – Empress of Forever

With Worldcon season fast approaching, a reviewer’s mind tends to turn to chrome rockets. We know who is in the running this year, but what of the crop of hopefulls who will be wending their way to Wellington in 2020 (assuming they are able to make the trip)? Max Glastone, I suspect, will have at least two reasons to go. This is How You Lose the Time War (co-written with Amal E-l-Mohtar) will probably be in the Novella category, and Empress of Forever has a good shot at Novel.

There are many people who are capable of writing light-hearted, entertaining novels. There are also many people capable of writing very serious and thoughtful novels. Few people can do both in the same book. Terry Pratchett was a master at it. Cat Valente cracked it with Space Opera. And now Max has done the same with Empress of Forever. To find out more, check out my review.