Graphic Novel Review – Vei

Asgard is big business in Hollywood these days. With the announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder, and the Loki TV series, many of us are eagerly looking forward to the latest adventures of our favourite Norse gods.

But what about the Norse themselves? Stan Lee didn’t invent Thor and Loki. Actual Norse people did. In Iceland workship of the Æsir is still a living religion. Is anyone in Scandinavia upset about all of this? Well maybe, but not that I know of in Sweden. It is hard to get the Swedes upset about anything except losing an ice hockey game to Finland. But that doesn’t mean that they are not doing anything. Two Swedes in particular — Sara B. Elfgren and Karl Johnsson — are staking their own claim to the stories of the Æsir with their own imaginative, and beautifully illustrated, story. For more about what they are up to, see my review of the first volume of their graphic novel series.

(The text in the sample page below is in Swedish, but you can get the book in English.)