Book Review – The City in the Middle of the Night

I’m having a sick day today, having acquired a slight cold. All I had out in the world today were a couple of meetings, both of which can do without me, and both of whose attendees will doubtless be grateful not to be given any germs. The upside of this is that I have been able to read and write.

So firstly you are getting a review of the new Charlie Jane Anders novel, The City in the Middle of the Night. It is a fascinating book that I expect to see people writing political analyses of in the near future. You can find that review here.

I have also finished the new Gareth L Powell novel, Fleet of Knives. That will be harder to review because it is the middle volume of a triology, but I’ll get onto that next.

Twitter followers will know that I have also read the new Guy Gavriel Kay book, A Brightness Long Ago. I have written a review of that, but I’m sitting on it for a while as the book isn’t due out until May.

And currently I am reading The Haunting of Tram Car 015 by one of my favorite new writers, P. Djèlí Clark. I need to have read that one before giving a paper on decolonising steampunk later this week.