Forthcoming Event – The Groove Within Us

On the evening of Tuesday April 24th I will be appearing as part of a event called The Groove Within Us at the Southbank Club in Bristol. This is the first of what is intended to be a series of events which mix social awareness with music. The concept is as follows:

The Groove Within Us is a night designed to Educate, Amplify and Celebrate diversity within our society.

Each night will be centred around a certain theme related to current social issues. Our panel will consist of people from as many walks of life as we can manage. The first part of the talk will be a chance for the panel to raise issues that they feel need greater awareness in the community. After that there will be a chance to submit questions for the panel to answer on the given topic.

During the break there will be a chance to network and talk to representatives from various charities and community projects.

After the talk we will celebrate diversity with a party hosted by our fantastic live band. The Groove Within Us House Band will play soul and funk tunes to get everyone dancing into the night.

For this first event the topic for discussion is Transgender Visibility, hence my being asked to be on the panel.

The Facebook event is here, and tickets for the event are available here. I should note that people will not be paying to see me. They are paying to see the band, fronted by the fabulous Ruth Royall. But if a few people turn up in time to listen to the panel as well I shall be very pleased.