What A Difference A Year Makes

Today I made my one appearance at this year’s Bristol Festival of Literature. It went very well. We were sold out (though it looked like around a third of the paid attendees didn’t turn up), and we had a great discussion. Thanks are due to the panel: Becky Walsh, Lucienne Boyce, Jean Burnett and Virginia Bergin. Thanks also to Helen Abbot of the Festival of Literature, Adela Straughan of Arnos Vale Cemetery, Laura Muñoz, the photographer, and Alistair Sims of Books on the Hill.

We did the usual thing of talking about female characters in books. I may have talked quite a bit about Amazons, including Diana of Themyscira. You know the drill. Viriginia, Lucienne and Jean all did their usual stuff too. Jean, by the way, is writing a novel featuring Artemisia Gentileschi, which I am very much looking forward to reading.

The main reason I am writing this post, however, is the nature of the audience questions. Last year the questions very much riffed off what we said in the panel. This year the audience was full of Angry Feminists who wanted to vent their dissatisfaction with the way of the world. I wish I had brought along some WEP membership forms.

That should give us something to talk about on Radio Bristol on Monday.

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