Science Fiction in Bath

Bath Waterstones has an extensive reading series, and they are now doing a lot of good SF events. Last night I was there to listen to Emma Newman, who was at her smart and erudite best despite having just got back from being a guest of honor in Croatia and therefore doubtless being jet lagged and exhausted. (The Croats are lovely people, but being a GoH is always work.)

And there’s more. Next week (Tuesday 16th) Ken MacLeod will be in town to promote the third and final part of his Corporation Wars series, Emergence. This is a series in which a bunch of robots achieve sentience and immediately declare independence from humans (because of course they do, this is Ken, after all). For Halloween they have horror and crime writer, Chris Fowler. And in November there are two more events, starting with Chris Beckett on Thursday 9th.

Which brings is to the main event. On Thursday November 16th they have M. John Harrison. If you are serious about writing science fiction and fantasy then you should not miss this, because Mike is one of the best there is. Anyone seeking escapist adventures need not apply, of course.

A full list of their events (which also includes the fabulous Sarah Hilary) can be found here.