July Fringe Podcasts

Oh dear, we are behind, aren’t we. Guess whose fault that is? Yep, that would be the person who has been rushing around like an idiot for months on end.

Thankfully the new arrangements for Fringe include the fabulous Tom Parker learning how to do audio editing and processing the old recordings for me. Consequently we are looking to catch up on the podcasts, and can now bring you some tales of horror from last summer. For reasons as yet unexplained, both involved swimming in some way.

Our first Reader for July was Thomas David Parker himself. He treated us to a sweet tale of two lovers off for a day by a lake. Well, sort of. You all know what lives in lakes, don’t you. Things.

Our second reader for July as Tim Lebbon. There were no lakes in the novel fragment he read. Just a mostly dried out swimming pool. And Things. Lots of Things.

In the Q&A for July Tom revealed that he enjoys drowning his friends whereas Tim prefers biting their faces off. Charming fellows, aren’t they.

This is also a good time to remind you that the next Fringe event will be on Monday (March 20th). It will feature Paul Cornell reading from his shortly to be released novel, Chalk. Paul will be supported by local writer, Steph Minns. I should also remind you that we will be at our new venue of the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer (the Volley, as it is known locally). There’s plenty of room, and the beer is excellent. (I tried the Café Racer last month and it was very good.)