Hugos – Final Week for Nominations

The deadline for submitting nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards is Friday (March 17th). If you haven’t done so already and are eligible, please do so. You know the mantra by now: the more of you that participate, the better chance we have of spoiling the Puppies’ selfish game.

If you need ideas, there is a very useful spreadsheet available here. Thanks to the Ladybusiness folks for doing that.

Finnish friends, please remember that you are eligible to nominate as well if you have memberships. Please don’t be like the Japanese in 2007 and assume that the Hugos are only for Americans.

Everybody else, please remember that Finns are eligible too. My main criticism of the Ladybusiness spreadsheet is that it has no Finns on it. I’d like to suggest a few.

Novel: The Core of the Sun, Johanna Sinisalo
Semiprozine: Tähtivaeltaja
Editor, Short Form: Toni Jerrman (Tähtivaeltaja)
Fan Writer: Tero Ykspetäjä
Fan Artist: Ninni Aalto

If people have other Finnish works/people they would like to recommend, please do so in comments. Other Nordic countries, please weigh in.

And if you want to nominate me, probably the best story I’ve had published this year is “On the Radio” from Holdfast Magazine (which you should totally nominate in Semiprozine).

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  1. Eero says:

    Thanks for linking to the Ladybusiness list, it just made drafting my ballot way easier. I’m glad to see it does include Stand Still, Stay Silent ( by Minna Sundberg in Best Graphic Story and Vesa Lehtimäki ( in Best Fan Artist, both of whom are Finns.

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