Obligatory Eligibility Post

It is that time of year again, and to make my author friends less self-conscious about reminding you of their fine work over the past year I am going to remind you about what I have been up to.

Much to my astonishment, most of what I have eligible is fiction. I had three (yes, three!) short stories published last year. Two of them were in Holdfast Magazine and you can find them as follows:

There is also “Camelot Girls Gone Wild”, which is apparently now available in Fantastically Horny. Kevin tells me he got his copy from the crowdfunding campaign. I have yet to see any sign of it.

I got nine episodes of the Salon Futura podcast out last year, so I guess that is eligible as a Fancast. (That also reminds me that I have a couple in the pipeline that need editing.)

The BristolCon Fringe podcast is also eligible, though if you nominate it you should credit Joanne Hall as well as me because she did all of the work of finding guests and booking the venue. (There may be other people too. I don’t know, I just show up and talk.)

I think that covers it, unless you have a favorite review or something, or if you think it has been long enough since I won Fan Writer for me to have another go. Not a huge amount, but hey, better than the Puppies, right?