Book Review – Wake of Vultures

Wake of VulturesIt is sad but true that when cis people tell me they have read a really great book about a trans character they are often wrong. Cis people’s understanding of what it means to be trans is often way off base. Wake of Vultures appears to be a classic example. It was recommended to me, and the author seems to be convinced that she’s writing about a trans character. I don’t see it that way.

In one way this is sad, because the book could have been a good portrayal of someone struggling with their gender. Later books in the series may get there. I’d like that to be the case but I’m not hopeful.

Trans stuff aside, Wake of Vultures is a really fun fantasy Western that you will probably enjoy. Native Americans may find some of it uncomfortable and/or appropriative. White supremacists will doubtless see it as Politically Correct. Not belonging to either group, I’ll leave other people to make the judgement on those.

You can read my review here.