How To Help #Piracity Without Spending Money

One day in: so far so good. We’ve had a bunch of backers for Piracity. If we get that much in pledges every day then we should fund.

However, a month is a very long time in Internetland, and interest in projects goes up and down very rapidly. To keep the project going, we need attention.

Obviously some of won’t be interested in the book, or you are short of money, or whatever. That’s entirely understood. But you can still help by signal-boosting on social media. Every tweet, share or whatever helps.

In view of that, today I launched what I hope will be a fun thing: Dress Like A Pirate Week. With Halloween coming I figure that lots of people will be into costuming. What I want people to do is post pictures of their pirate costumes with the #Piracity hashtag. Fingers crossed, that will generate a bit of interest.

To kick things off I am contributing the picture above. It shows Captain Standlee and I at the notorious “Worst World Fantasy Convention Ever” (so called by the World Fantasy Board because we encouraged Halloween costumes) in San José in 2009.

For those too young to remember such things, Kevin is taking the part of the Captain of the cruise liner, WSFS Armadillo, which was the spaceship we created as part of our time running Events for the 2005 Worldcon. Technically I was first officer on the ship, but I never got a uniform and anyway I am much more comfortable as a space pirate.

And for those interested in such things the jacket is from Warehouse. I loved it so much I hunted all over the country for a shop with one in my size, finally finding it in Birmingham. The hat is from the Pirate Supply Store on Valencia Street in San Francisco which I miss terribly. Aloysious the Squid is not in the picture because I hadn’t met him yet.