Clarkesworld Story Wins WSFA Award

cw_121_300The winner of this year’s Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press award was announced at Capclave over the weekend. This is an award for short fiction published by small presses, and I’m delighted to see that a story from Clarkesworld was the winner this year. I must admit that I wanted “The Haunting of Apollo A7LB” by Hannu Rajaniemi to win, because I adore that story. Stephanie Burgis had a story in the finalists too, which would have been a nice local win. But I am very pleased for Martin L. Shoemaker whose story, “Today I Am Paul”, was the eventual winner.

This also reminds me that the current issue for Clarkesworld, #121, is the 10th anniversary issue (once a month for 10 years). Having pushed out a magazine on a regular schedule for many years myself, I know how hard that is. My congratulations to Neil and the rest of the team for having stuck with it this long. Here’s to another 10 years, and continued growth of the revenue stream.