My Eurocon Schedule

The Barcelona Eurocon has a program. Right now it is only available on the EuroSMOF Facebook group, but that’s public so I presume I can talk about it.

I have just one program item, and it is one of the first items after the Opening Ceremonies, so I’ll be done pretty quickly.

Friday, 11:15; Auditori
Queer Societies in SF (ENG)
Panel. Gay pride and prejudice.
Mariano Martín Rodríguez (Belg) MOD, Cheryl Morgan (UK), Lawrence Schimel, Arrate Hidalgo

I guess I’ll be talking about things like The Female Man, Nicola Griffith’s Ammonite, and Elizabeth Bear’s Carnival. Other suggestions welcome, especially lesbian societies because I’m on a panel with three guys*.

Much of the program is in Spanish or Catalan, and while Kevin might have enough Spanish to get by I will be the clueless Brit. However, there is plenty of English language progamming to keep me away from the delights of Barcelona. There are several panels about SF in other countries; I can listen to Richard Morgan and Adam Roberts talk about political SF; or Charlie Stross talking about the failures of futurology. There’s a person from Germany asking, “What does being a transvestite have to do with SF?” Karin Tidbeck and Johanna Sinisalo are talking about weird fiction. There is a panel about promoting European SF that I really need to go to (sorry Clute), and there’s a panel on Evil Female with Mihaela Perkovic and Johanna Sinisalo. Talking of Mihaela, she’s moderating a panel on cross-media SF featuring Richard Morgan, Rhianna Pratchett and John Clute. I shall go along to provide moral support because that’s a tough ask, though one I am sure she’s more than capable of handling. All in all, it looks like being a busy weekend.

* Correction: two guys and one non-guy, because I am a clueless Brit and don’t understand Basque names.