Happy Bi Visibility Day

By happy coincidence, Bi Visibility Day happened to fall in the week of Trans Pride South West. Therefore we are having a joint flag raising in Bristol today. I believe it is the first time that the Bi flag has ever been raised at City Hall. (And if it isn’t that shows you how visible the event has been in the past.)

Anyway, I’ll be off to the flag raising ceremony shortly. After that I’ll be attending the launch of a book called Purple Prose at Hydra Books. I expect to see a few people I know there. (Jacq Applebee did a launch event for the book at Parliament earlier in the week. Hydra is a similar venue, right?)

Many trans people do identify as bisexual, of course. Or pansexual, but let’s not get into that. It is also true that many trans people, including me, had sexual relationships with people of one gender before transition, and people of another gender after transition. Whether that makes them bi, I do not know. Given how much transphobia there is in gay and lesbian communities, I don’t want to go there. I’m happy to do my bit to support people who do identify as bi (or pan).

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