June Fringe – Stephanie Burgis & Justin Newland

The recordings from the June BristolCon Fringe event are now online. We did things slightly differently that month. Firstly thanks to a technical hitch we had no microphone on the AV system. That meant we had to record people direct rather than off the AV system, which caused a few problems with the sound. In addition Stephanie had to leave early to catch a train back to Abergaveny so we had her read first, then did her Q&A, all in one session.

Stephanie read from the opening chapter of her novel, Masks and Shadows, which I reviewed here. It being an historical fantasy featuring secret societies and a eunuch, I had a lot of questions to ask her. The opera connection is very important too.

Our other reader for June was Justin Newland, better known as “the man who asks questions” from our Q&A sessions. Justin read a short story set during the building of Hadrian’s Wall, and the opening chapter of his novel, The Genes of Isis.

Stephanie was able to stay for the reading but had to leave during Justin’s Q&A session. We had a short break while she left, but when we came back no one had any new questions so we just did announcements, which have been tacked on to this recording.

The September Fringe event takes place tomorrow night. The readers are Cassandra Khaw and Jonathan L Howard. I should be there, though I am supposed to be in Cardiff during the day for a Trans*Code event and the Severn Tunnel is closed so travel will be a bit unpredictable. Also I have to get my body functioning again after a couple of days of being dead of cold. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.