Atwood Does Comics


Yes, that’s right. Margaret Atwood, who allegedly doesn’t write science fiction, is writing a superhero comic for Dark Horse. Welcome to the world, Angel Catbird.

Well, quite a few high profile people have taken that leap recently. China Miéville did Dial H for Hero ages ago. William Gibson is doing Archangel. Ta-Nehisi Coates is doing Black Panther. It won’t be long now before some keen young journalist does a piece on how the famous novelist, Neil Gaiman, has started writing comics.

However, I am not here to talk about novelists writing comics, I want to talk about the creative team. I don’t know how much choice Atwood had on who she worked with, but if they are her choices she’s done a damn fine job.

The artist is Johnnie Christmas. He’s Canadian, naturally. He’s also black. I’m not familiar with his work, but I really like what I have seen of the interiors of Angel Catbird. His best known work to date is Sheltered.

Tamra Bonvillain, on the other hand, I am very familiar with. She’s a key part of the creative team for Rat Queens, though sadly she didn’t join the book in time to get in on a Hugo nomination last year. She’s also trans.

Thank you, Ms. Atwood. I shall be buying your book.

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  1. Actually, Mieville’s comic book series was just called “Dial H.” It took a semi-tongue-in-cheek attitude to the superhero crowd while it dove head-first into weirdness. Sadly, regular superhero readers didn’t get the joke and the series died.

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