Congratulations, San José and San Juan

Preliminary site selection results have been announced from Worldcon. These do need to be ratified at today’s Business Meeting, but I’ve never yet seen any issues with that.

Next year’s NASFiC will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I know a few people involved with that and am very happy for them.

And the 2018 Worldcon will be in San José, California. That’s my team. I’m absolutely delighted for them.

Kevin Roche and other members of the convention committee will be at the Business Meeting later today to announce the convention name, Guests of Honor and so on. I’ll do a new post when it is all public.

The vote was apparently 675-594. As usual there were a whole bunch of write-ins and I understand that 651 votes were needed for a first round victory.

Our thanks are of course due to the New Orleans bid for a fine and fun contest. Do visit their city. It has some of the best food and music anywhere in the world. But don’t go in August, the weather is terrible.

Some of are no doubt wondering whether I have any plans to be in San José. I would certainly love to go. However, one thing that has been very clear from my interactions with US immigration is that the State Department (who issue visas) and the TSA (who manage border control) do not recognize each other’s authority. Having a visa is not a guarantee of entry. I have no intention of spending a lot of time, money and emotional energy on getting a visa only to find that I get turned back at the airport.

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