Book Review – Full Fathom Five

FullFathomFiveHere’s another book with a trans character in it. This one was very different. As I note in the review, blink and you will miss the fact that the character is trans.

On the one hand, that’s not good because it means that there are aspects of being trans that don’t get explored. If it is too easy to be trans in an SF or fantasy world then the problems faced by trans people don’t get discussed. For quite a long time I worried that this book might be one of those. But then I finally worked out why (I think) Max Gladstone chose to use a trans character as the protagonist (yes, the protagonist) of Full Fathom Five, and then I was very happy that he had done so.

Full Fathom Five is an interesting book in other ways too. It is mainly about things like offshore banking, the difficulties faced by small nations trying to stay independent in a world run on trade, and the power of faith.

You can find my review here.