Book Review – The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season - N.K. JemisinI have been reading books, honest. Quite a few of them, in fact. There are lots of books featuring trans characters being published right now and I need to keep up. Finding time to write reviews is another issue, but as I have an essay to write I should get some thoughts into electrons.

Today, therefore, I wrote four book reviews. I’ll publish them over the next week. Given the previous post, and the fact that the Hugo voting deadline is this weekend, I am starting with The Fifth Season.

I am happy but unsurprised that Jemisin has done some good work with trans characters in the book. She knows what she’s doing. Having read the book I am also unsurprised at how well it is doing in this year’s awards.

You can find my review here. I can haz The Obelisk Gate nao, plz?