Book Review – The Many Selves of Katherine North

The Many Selves of Katherine North - Emma Geen
One of the things I am hoping to do while I am in Finland is catch up on some reading and maybe write a review or two. I have been reading books (albeit not quickly enough), but writing reviews is something I just haven’t had time for. I am forcing myself into action on behalf of The Many Selves of Katherine North. It is a great debut science fiction novel by a woman. OK, it is also set in Bristol and Emma Geen is a friend, but I have been looking forward to this one for a while and I have not been disappointed. The main reason it is getting a review, however, is because it is not being marketing at us. Bloomsbury is putting it out as literary fiction. Of course that means that they think it is really well written, which is it. But it is mostly definitely SF.

You can find my review here.

The picture above, by the way, is from Emma’s Twitter feed, and I can see exactly why she photographed the book that way.

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