This, On Repeat, All Day

I get that people are angry, but they are not angry in a vacuum.

They are angry because their standard of living is falling, their jobs are disappearing, and their rents are skyrocketing.

They are angry because their social security benefits are being cut and they are fed a constant diet of newspaper articles and TV programs suggesting that other people are gaming the system.

They are angry because they are constantly being told that everything wrong in the world is the fault of other poor people who happen to look different, behave differently, or speak a different language, when they should be angry that social inequality is increasing at a rapid rate.

They are angry because the media will let any lie, no matter how outrageous and hateful, slide by unchallenged if it causes controversy and increases the traffic count on their websites.

Sure people’s freedom is at stake. It is at stake from people who want to take away their civil rights, take away their social security net, and put them on zero hour contracts; and who hope to distract people from these things by endless scaremongering about immigrants.

Stand up, people. It is time to take our country back from Rupert Murdoch and his minions.

One thought on “This, On Repeat, All Day

  1. …oh, WOW. This couldn’t be more perfectly timed. I’m putting together the playlist for the Bay Area Bisexual Network contingent for SF Pride; the theme this year is “For Racial and Economic Justice,” and being able to put something on the list that both speaks to the theme AND comes from a bi artist is fantastic.

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