The Darkening Garden: The Exhibition

As some of you will know, The Darkening Garden is the title of John Clute’s book about horror fiction. It is now also the title of an art exhibition by Judith Clute. You can find it at the Camden Image Gallery (just round the corner from Camden Road railway station). I was there last night for the launch night party, as were many other people from the SF scene.

The exhibition looks great. I have seen a lot of Judith’s art over the past 10 years or so, but it has always been spread about the Clute flat, and often half-finished. To see a large collection of it on gallery walls was a great pleasure. Even better, people were buying it. Here’s hoping that Judith does well out of it.

After the party I went out for dinner with Farah Mendlesohn, Edward James, Liz Williams, Roz Kaveney and Dave Lally. We had been wondering where might be good in the area and Roz mentioned that she’d eaten at a Thai place just around the corner a while back. We went and looked, and it was still there, but now more Cambodian in its cuisine. Roz did some sums and realized it was 25 years ago that she last ate there, but hey, the food was great. How Roz manages this sort of trick is a great mystery to me. If you happen to be in Camden, Lemongrass has great food and is pretty good value. I had the spring chilli chicken.