Marketing Evil

I’ve just been to Tesco for various things, including picking up my copy of The Force Awakens. They have this special offer going on where you can select a Dark Side or Light Side limited edition cover. From a style point of view, the black cover actually looks nicer, but who would want to side with Evil?

The answer of course, is obvious. You just have to look at all of the marketing surrounding the film. If you are a woman, a person of color, or old, then you are with the Resistance. If you are a young white man the the Evil Fascist Dictatorship is the side that you should support.

Does anyone else find that a teensy bit disturbing…

2 thoughts on “Marketing Evil

  1. I mentally tossed a coin and bought the Dark Side cover. It’ll go in the bin, following the other cardboard slip cases that just repeat everything that’s on the main plastic case and reduce the number of discs you can put on a shelf.

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